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"When we started this business, it didn't seem to make sense that people had to actually carry their bottles in and out of a store or get out of their cars with their water bottles. So, we came up with the drive-thru—an idea that nobody prior to us had tried and we've done it here successfully since 1989. People love it! And there's an attendant here to help you with filling the bottles or to fill them for you. It doesn't have to be a big hassle to drink pure water, it can be really convenient, easy, and enjoyable! We have friendly people working here, great employees who love the customers. It all works, great customers, great water, great employees."

- Mark Hansen, founder, and owner of Water Street Station 


Mark Hansen started Water Street Station in 1989 out of the desire to provide freshly purified water that is both convenient and inexpensive to the people of Tucson. After evaluating the latest and most effective high-tech purification systems in the United States, Mark chose Water Factory Systems— the unequivocal choice to design and supply the latest state-of-the-art equipment to all Water Street Station facilities. This system is a multi-stage purification process, to understand why our water is the best, most pure and clean water you can find, here is a breakdown.  

The 5 Stages of Purification:


First, special beads made of an ionic resin capture a range of mineral salts, drawing them out of the water.


The GCA process removes toxic organic chemicals by absorbing  them into billions of microscopic pores found on the 1,000 acres of carbon surface area we expose the water to. what makes our carbon filtration unique is the amount of time the water is in contact with the carbon. If water is rushed though this phase, as in systems that produce large quantities of water in a short time, the effectiveness is drastically reduced. 


In this two-stage treatment process, water under pressure is forced through a membrane having microscopic holes only .0005 of a micron in diameter. That's two ten millionths of an inch — bacteria range from .2 to 1 micron in width and virus from .02 to .4 micron in diameter so they cannot pass through to our product water.


This takes care of residuals which are not repelled by the RO action. The pressure on the water causes the H2O to pass through the membrane at the molecular level, leaving behind any foreign substances.

Dissolving Impurities: Impurities that are even smaller than water molecules themselves; mineral salts, sodium, toxic metals are removed. The RO membrane rejects these impurities by repelling them from its surface through a complex process involving dielectric molecular interaction. They are then washed away before even reaching the membrane. Ultrafiltration: One more pass through carbon in our dispensing bay just before the water enters your bottle, ensures the best quality water and polishes the taste!


stage 5: oxygen


WSS goes one step further with the addition of ozone. Injected in measured amounts throughout our tanks and product water lines, keeping them completely free of recontamination by airborne micro-organisms. Perhaps most importantly, O3 passing into a bottle with our pure water, destroys most bacteria that may exist within the container. Ozone in bottles will increase shelf life, and as it quickly converts to regular oxygen (O2), it leaves a light bubbly quality you'll love.


By using Ozone, we are able to keep all our water pathways sterile. This means no biological contamination in our holding tanks or delivery lines. As an added benefit, your bottles get sterilized as they are being filled! At each of our locations you can drive-up and fill-up quickly with the help of our attendants. For your convenience there is an attendant at all 3 locations ready to fill, lift and clean your bottles. They can answer any of your questions about our water, our pre-paid water plans, merchandise or ice. At Water Street Station we value customer service and it is our goal to make sure that your experience with us is excelent and that the water is the best possible quality. 

Why not tap?

While generally regarded as a safe drinking source, tap water is cleaned by the city with chlorine. A by-product is created from this disenfection process called "Trihalomethanes", or "THMs". The levels of THMs are dependent on the amount of naturally occurring organic material found in the source water and the amount of chlorine used in disinfection.
 According to the EPA:
"Some people who drink water containing trihalomethanes in excess of EPA's standard over many years may experience problems with their liver, kidneys, or central nervous systems, and may have an increased risk of getting cancer."  Multi Stage Purification Prosses removes 
lead, mercury, asbestos, minerals, salts, nitrates, organic and inorganic contaminants, bacteria, virus and a host of man-made chemical pollutants such as chlorine, PCEs, THMs, and TCEs. We have discovered numerous times over the years that the water coming from our taps is not always safe or particularly healthy.

Our water Plans

Our pre-paid plans allow our customers to save money and time at check-out. With varying degrees of discount off our per-gallon rate, these water plans give you a quick and easy way to pay for your water all at once, get discounts on merchandise and drive-up and fill-up without pulling out thier wallet every time. We also offer a *Wave plan option, so that you can pay for your River or Ocean plan in three payments as you use your water. The merchant discounts include up to 20% off polycarbonate, BPA Free and glass bottles of all shapes and sizes, sport bottles, crocks with a variety of designs, stands, dog dishes and more. Each of our plans offers a 10% discount on hot/cold coolers and SPRINT shower head filters. If you don't see what you want in the store, ask an attendant, we may be able to special order it for you! 

For more discounts ask about our punch card and get a chance to enter into our monthly punch card raffle for free 30 gallons! 

10% off all merchandise

*single payment

10% off all merchandise

*Wave Plan Option (Three payments)

No refunds after 30 days. Discounts apply to current accounts only. Expires two years from date of account sign-up.

10% off all merchandise

*Wave Plan Option (Three Payments)

Praise from our customers

"Best tasting water, great deal and friendly service. Love it!! Thanks" 

-Erin M.

“I was so pleased with the service I received. If only all businesses offered such a personal touch!”

-Jan Evan

"Once you try Water Street, you'll never go back. It's worth every penny and more! Reduce, Reuse, Refill and Rehydrate!"

-Kris Minard

"Not only do you have the best-tasting, most healthful water in town, your staff is the best, and your stations are always clean and welcoming. I can't imagine getting my water from anywhere else. Thank you for providing the best water in Tucson."

- MJ Seikaly 

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