Our Water:

When it comes to water, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! We offer the highest possible quality of water for a reasonable price. 

You can pay for your water in several different ways: 

You can buy it at $1.25 per gallon or you can buy it in bulk with our Pre-Paid Water Plans for a discount and use it as you go.

With both of these options you can use our punch cards, buy 40 gallons and get 3 for free! Once your card is full you can enter it into our monthly drawing for 30 free gallons! 

Choice from one of our 3 Water Plans for convenience and a better price:

  • $1.19 per gallon

  • 50 gallons for $59.50

  • 50 gallon 10% off merchandise 



  • $1.14 per gallon

  • 200 gallons for $228

  • WAVE option, 3 payments of $76 

  • 10% off all merchandise

  • $1.09 per gallon

  • 325 gallons for $354

  • WAVE option, 3 payments of $118

  • 10% off all merchandise


Bottles by the gallon: With a variety of BPA Free bottles, polycarbonate (high quality plastic) and Glass, we can find the right bottle for your family. We know that a 5 gallon bottle is too heavy for some people and we have 1, 2, 3 and 4 gallon bottles so you can find the right one for you! Come visit us and talk to the staff about what is right for you.

Sport bottles for the on the go: Just like our big bottles, we offer a variety of sport bottles. From polycarbonate to BPA free plastic, glass to stainless steel, we have the right bottle for your daily, on the go needs! From a half liter to a quart, whatever size you need, we have it! 

Water Dispensers

Crocks and Stands: Using a ceramic crock and a wood or steel stand is our most popular method of dispensing water. There is a wide variety of crock stiles and if you don't see the one you want in the store, then just let the staff know and they will provide you with more options that we can special order for you at no extra cost. There are several sizes of stands, including table top stands and steel stands with room for extra bottles below. 

Hot/Cold Coolers: We have a few different options of cold/room temp and hot/cold coolers in black and white. Each come with a warranty and some free water!

The Easy Option: Don't want a crock and stand or don't have room? No problem. Our refrigerator bottles at 2 and 3 gallons have a valve and are shaped so you can keep them on your counter top or put them in your refrigerator to dispense cold water. You can opt for a 5 gallon plastic bottle with a valve also for a cheep and easy way to start dispensing your pure water! 

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