How We Compare:

We hold ourself accountable to the customer. At Water Street Station we have great quality, taste and prices. But what really sets us apart is our commitment to that quality and how we maintain it. Our water is tested every 3 months by an independent lab for impurities, minerals and chemicals. These results are posted in each store. You will not get that kind of honesty or clarity anywhere else. 

The Question is:


What's In Your Water? 


Vending Machines

Convenience has it's price.
The lone vending machine, how fresh is it?
How clean is the unit?
Who sterilizes your bottles?
Where is the water analysis?
Who can answer your questions? 

Water Delivery

Say no and save hundreds of dollars a year using our drive-thru convenience.  HOW?
Unlike delivery companies, WSS allows you control over how much water you need and when. Our customers who previously got their water delivered, find that WSS is typically 1/3 the cost of delivery.

 With WSS you choose the size, weight of your bottles, and water dispenser of your choice from our large inventory. When you choose to use our Water Partner Plan program, you can even select your price per gallon option.

Home Water Filters

The initial quality impact of home filtration is gradually diminished with usage until replaced.  Whereas, our freshly purified water is always at peak form.
To create a system comparable to WSS's would require a significant investment and continuing maintenance costs.
 Clearly, any under-the-counter system, faucet filter, refrigerator filter or filtering pitcher (to name a few) cannot be expected to provide drinking water that in any way approaches the purity of our Multi-Stage Purification Process.

Distilled Water

Commonly desired for its lack of mineral content, yet distillation deadens the water by removing its oxygen. Oxygen content is what gives mountain spring water its refreshing taste. Oxygen is present in prolific amounts in our Ozone (purified oxygen) infused product.

Like distilled, our Multi-Stage Purification provides a comparable lack of mineral content, with added the benefit of the removal of volatile toxic organic chemicals—that is chemicals with lower boiling points than water (i.e., THM & TCE) are removed.

Bottled Water

Most store bought water is in PET plastic bottles. PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a low quality plastic, prone to leaching—the longer water is stored and at warm temperatures, the more likely the plastic will leach into the water and give it an unpleasant taste.   We sell polycarbonate bottles because of its greater stability over time for water storage — even at warm temperatures. We also have glass bottles available for use on a crock or cooler system.
 Are you buying water by the CASE to save money?
It's twice as expensive! At Water Street, you'll save hundreds of dollars on a year's worth of water. Plus, by refilling your own personal polycarbonate bottles you're reducing your impact on our environment!

OUR PFCT GUarantee 

We're confident that we offer the perfect choice in both content & cost. 
That's why we offer our PFCT Guarantee.


P is for Pure

Pure and free from: lead, mercury, asbestos, minerals, salts, nitrates, organic & inorganic contaminants, bacteria, virus and a host of man-made chemical pollutants such as chlorine, PCEs, THMs, and TCEs.
At our request, the National Testing Laboratories comes quarterly testing for 91 potential contaminants. Test results are posted and a copy is always available.


F is for Fresh

Our purified water has been processed within hours of your purchase.

C is for Clean

We use ozone to keep all the water pathways at our facilities sterile. From the holding tanks all the way through the delivery lines, straight into your bottle. Added ozone increases shelf life and sterilizes your bottles.
Our stations staff monitor the equipment regularly and maintain the entire work area to keep it spotless.
WSS facilities are inspected by the Health Department several times a year.

T is for Taste

Most store bought bottled water has an unpleasant taste, caused by the plastic leaching from cheap PET bottles. 
Our oxygenated water is always fresh tasting with a light bubbly quality you'll love.

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