Hydration & Health 


Proper hydration requires H2O!

While it's true any cool drink will quench your thirst, only plain water hydrates the body without giving it an additional job to do. 
This is because the body reads soda's, teas, etc. as it does food, and processess it accordingly. Because the body is mostly comprised of water, no additional processing is necessary. So when you take a drink of purified water, the body gets a break, it can simply replenish itself. 
The Benefits of Hydration:

  • Refresh brain cells for mental clarity. 
  • Support nutrient delivery to energize cells.
  • Makes for a happy immune system, as it relies on water.
  • Eat less, it's easy to confuse hunger for thirst.
  • Cholesterol is reduced when the body is hydrated.
  • Environmental toxins and waste are Flushed from the body.
  • Lubricates joints for longer pain free use.
  • Discs between vertebrae stay plump & shock absorbent.
  • Both cool your body and moisturize skin from the inside out.
  • A natural anti-histamine, whereas dehydration stimulates histamine production!

How to keep hydrated

Drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces every day:

Your body wiat in LB ÷ 2 = OZ of water to drink daily

Example: 200 lbs.÷ 2 = 100 fl. oz. There are ~34 oz in a litter. So if you wiegh 200 lb then you need to drink almost 3 litter sized bottles. 

Count how many times you refillable your bottle through out the day to help keep track of your intake. Include good quality sea salt in your diet to help speed drive the hydration process.

Things to think about:

- Daily activity level
- Outside temperature, is it dry?
- Thin bodies dehydrate more quickly—so drink more & more often. 
-Under physical or emotional stress, the body requires water to heal and also has a calming effect.



Signs of chronic dyhidration

  • Headaches
  • Sleeplessness, restlessness
  • Constantly hungry or snacking
  • Stuffy head, blocked sinuses
  • Dry skin (loss of elasticity)
  • Poor elimination
  • Red eyes
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